Information for parents of children who do not speak German 10 – 16 years

Basic Information

Children speaking a foreign language attend a Welcome class, usually cared for by two teachers, who find out fast where the pupils need support. They focus on learning German.

At the same time they are connected to a standard class, where they participate in sports, art oder crafts in order to get into contact with German speaking children to train german as fast as possible.

As soon as possible the children will take part in maths or English in the standard class if they are fit in these subjects. The Welcome class is used to support them in these subjects and to improve their German knowledge.

After a period oft wo years at the most this phase must come to an end. The pupils take part in the standard class, coping with all tests and exams to get their diploma.

Additional support takes place in the afternoons.

As soon as zhe pupils are fit in German we check in cooperation with Carl-Benscheidt-Ralschule and Gymnasium Alfeld which school career is best suited for every chld and we accompany him or her to that school.

You can sign in any day between 9:00 and 12:20 h. As there is no secretary at the moment please call and arrange an appointment.

Before the Easter holidays come to an end we offer a date for information and signing-i:

Tuesday, 2022-04-19 betweeen 10.00 and 12:00 h

We are looking forward to meeting you and your children.